Cody on the Web

I recently was shown a pretty handy website that is useful for determining your public IP address, even if you are on the command line. The URL to hit is Just hit the URL with curl or some other URL tool and you’ll get back your publicly routeable IP address in dotted decimal notation, no HTML to wade through.

$ curl     #your public IP shows up here. Sorry to whoever owns

More of the command line interface can be found on their website. Thanks to Patrick Mosca for the tip.

Galvanizing With Git in Denver

Tonight my buddy and co-worker Ross Nordstrom and I went up to Denver for an “All Things Cloud” meetup. Github’s very own Tim Berglund came to speak to the group about git version control and how Github can improve workflows. I already knew most of the technical content that he presented (it was aimed at a diverse group of various technical levels), but I still enjoyed listening to Tim speak, and even learned a few things as well. The talk was hosted at Galvanize, a local workspace and meetup spot in downtown Denver. It was an interesting space, and I’m sure Kira would have really liked the design.

An interesting git alias that we learned allows quick and beautiful command line viewing of the git log.

The Command: $ git lol

How to setup: $ git config --global --add "log --graph --decorate --color --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --all"

This config will yield output that looks like this:

git lol command output

And last but not least, Ross and I realized that we were only 2 blocks away from Pint’s Pub (warning, the website plays traditional pub music, which you can’t turn off.), one of our favorite pubs around. We walked over to visit before we left. I’ll admit, that the main reason that we love it is because it has an absurd collection of single-malt scotch’s to try.

Pictured below is the case which holds Pint’s rare single malts, many of these bottles are 30+ years old, and cost more than $1,000 per glass.

scotch cabinet

Lets Give It a Shot

So here I am with this piece of technology called a website in 2013. I figured it was high time that I finally got one of my own. While I haven’t traditionally been a website builder, I’m going to give it a shot as a way of expanding my horizons and learning some new ways of doing things.

I promise to try to keep it relatively up to date, and to try to keep it from looking horrible. Normally I just work on the machinery that goes under the hood, and nobody ever has to look at it, so this will be a new fun challenge for me. I will post thoughts about code, the industry, graduate school, and other types of relevant topics. It might take a bit to get it all setup the way that I want, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back! (but if this gets too popular, I might have to start paying for DNS)

Cheers, CLH