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I am a Green Bay, Wisconsin based Software Engineer and Problem Solver. You could consider me a Jack-of-all-trades, and master of at least a few. I'm opinionated, but only when it is important. My favorite book is The Soul of a New Machine. I hope you enjoy some of my writing on technical topics below.

I am available to consult on topics such as AWS, DevOps, Automation, Node.js/Javascript, Python, Go, Web App's, Vue, API's, Database Design, Networking, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Security, or any other interesting computing challenges you may have.

Please send me a note at if you'd like to build something together.

Several years ago while driving through Nebraska in the middle of the night, a curious idea struck me. “We have systematic testing for software, and for hardware, but why not for networking?” Lucky for me, I was also searching for a thesis topic at the time. Most networks are carefully hand tuned and watched over by experienced network engineers and IT personnel. Unfortunately this leaves them vulnerable to human error, configuration mistakes, or rot from “moves, adds, and changes”.

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Cody Hanson

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