Cody on the Web

Lets Give It a Shot

So here I am with this piece of technology called a website in 2013. I figured it was high time that I finally got one of my own. While I haven’t traditionally been a website builder, I’m going to give it a shot as a way of expanding my horizons and learning some new ways of doing things.

I promise to try to keep it relatively up to date, and to try to keep it from looking horrible. Normally I just work on the machinery that goes under the hood, and nobody ever has to look at it, so this will be a new fun challenge for me. I will post thoughts about code, the industry, graduate school, and other types of relevant topics. It might take a bit to get it all setup the way that I want, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back! (but if this gets too popular, I might have to start paying for DNS)

Cheers, CLH